Cape Ann Concerts - Comments

Comments regarding Morgan's Dedication to Live Music

As long as I have been active on the Boston music scene you have been close by. I cannot remember a time going all the way back to the Tea Party era where you were not on the scene. Clearly you are one of those few people who have always had a passion for the music and for the unique character of Boston's music world. I look
forward to seeing you out and about soon."
            All the best,
            Don Law

I'm sorry I could not be there in person, but thank you for all that you have done for me and countless other musicians. You have always been there for us and we are always here for you!"
           Danny Klein (Bass player for the J. Geils Band)

"Say it all & say it like you mean it!! Morgan is all about the music and the the artists we love!
           Steve Morse: Boston Globe

"If it weren't for Morgan, Gloucester would never have a music scene of the caliber it now possesses. He cares about the music, not from his wallet, but from his heart."
           Mike "Chipper" Chipperini (Harmonica player for Hoodoo Revelator)